michigan bridal hair
michigan bridal hair
michigan bridal hair
michigan bridal hair
michigan bridal hair
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Congratulations on your engagement! Our artists at Something Blue Bridal Updo®, pride ourselves on providing quality, luxury hair services. We provide our services on location which allows you to enjoy your time with your loved ones and feel pampered on your special day. We know the littlest details can make all the difference and strive to exceed your expectations.

something blue bobby pin

Our blue bobby pin is our little way of enhancing your wedding day experience. Our signature blue bobby pin is discretely placed within every brides' style.


Our blue bobby pin was designed by the owner & creator of Something Blue Bridal Updo®, Veronica Birtles. Veronica's blue bobby pin concept is why she named her bridal business Something Blue Bridal updo®. 


We are honored to be providing brides with their "Something Blue" since 2016.

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michigan bridal hair
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michigan bridal hair
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